Alien Technology and the Unfortunate Death of A Witness







Steven Greer (from reveals to Art Bell the circumstances surrounding William Colby’s death. This interview is from August 8th 2004. The following is a transcript of the part of the interview that is available here as a streaming mp3 file:
Now, I want to talk about an assassination tonight that people may not want to hear, but it’s very similar to what was portrayed in “The Manchurian Candidate” when this Senator is killed while he’s out kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay. I’m referring now to a very brave man, CIA Director Bill Colby, whose very dearest friend approached us in the mid-90s. And the week that we were going to have a meeting – listen carefully — the week we were going to have a meeting with this former CIA Director who had been on the inside of these covert operations, where he was going to transfer to our group $50 million in funding…

AB: What?

SG: …as well as existing extraterrestrial energy devices that were functional. They found him floating down the Potomac River. The colonel…

AB: Wait, wait wait…

SG: …The colonel who set up this meeting came to the funeral of my right hand aide, Shari Adamiak, who died a few years ago, and said, “We have both had grievous losses, but we can’t look back. We’ve got to move forward.” And this was Bill Colby’s best friend.

AB: Under what arrangement – how did, I mean, $50 million, for example – under what auspices, how was that going to happen?

SG: We never got that far, nor did Mr. Colby. My point is this, and I’m not saying this to disturb Bill Colby’s family, but I’ve decided that the truth has got to come out on some of these things, including these illegal, rogue operations that would phone in a threat like this to a civilian medical doctor.

AB: Um Hmm

SG: I’ve never signed a national security oath, and those people who have who are listening, mark my words, go to our website – – and contact me, because as far as I’m concerned, the actions taken by this group make them ineligible to cite the National Security Act of 1947 or any other constitutionally approved law because they are operating as an illegal, extra-constitutional entity.

AB: Got it. All right, Dr. Greer, hold tight. In the middle of the night, you’re listening to Coast to Coast A.M. and I bet you had never heard any of this before from Dr. Greer.

[commercial break]

AB: Just to be sure that we all heard this correctly. Let’s have Dr. Greer go over this one more time. A – uh- murder, Dr. Greer? You’re saying a murder.

SG: Yes.

AB: Uh. And the set up to this was?

SG: Well, I’m – my group was approached by a colonel who I do not want to name, who was Bill Colby’s (one of his very best) friends, and they had been following what we were doing in the early and mid nineties with what was then called Project Starlight, which then became But this man approached a member of our Board of Directors, a very dear friend of mine, and said that there was this person who is very connected up and historically had been connected to these projects, who absolutely agreed that it was time to end the secrecy. He wanted to transfer to us the means to do so through some assets that he had access to and I was told specifically that there was a – he wanted to be sure that there was adequate funding to do it properly which was around $50 million (which is a rounding error on the $7 trillion oil economy) and that they had some devices and physical equipment that they wanted to also transfer so that we could get this disclosed and get it secured and out to the public. So there was a “cell” if you want to look at it that way, that was headed up, that had some involvement from Mr. Colby that wanted to do this. So, the meeting was set up between a member of my Board and Bill Colby, and the week that that meeting was to be actuated, he was found floating down the Potomac River. Now, what’s interesting about the death of Bill Colby was that, even his wife got on CNN and said “Oh, this is very unlike Bill Colby.” Because he was a very safe canoer. He left the house opened, he left the computer on, the coffee maker on, and all this. This was actually publicly and very briefly stated, but then, of course, it was written off as an “accidental” drowning while he was out canoeing on the Potomac River.

AB: I recall.

SG: Now, in reality, it’s very much like what’s being portrayed where art now is imitating life in “The Manchurian Candidate”, where there is a Senator who was going to blow the whistle on this transnational group that was running all this and he is murdered by this manchurian candidate in the Chesapeake Bay when he’s out kayaking and it’s made to look like a drowning accident and is reported out through the media shills (of course, most of the Big Media are shills for these kind of guys, or just extremely naive), as an accidental drowning. So what’s interesting is that this is precisely what happened to Bill Colby, and I’ve said this to a number of people who are actually in the media. And when my wife and I were sitting there looking at this movie, “The Manchurian Candidate,” we were stunned. We looked at each other and went “Oh, my god!” because my wife, of course, knew in real time as this event happened and, of course, it was tragic and we were heartbroken, and of course, not long after that, my right hand assistant and best friend in all these efforts, Shari Adamiak was – uh, she died – and this colonel came to her wake that was held at her apartment in Denver and he just came up to me and he said, “You know, of course, Bill Colby was killed trying to get the truth out on this to help us, and you guys have had your own losses, but we can’t look back, we can’t dwell on the negative. We can’t look back. We have to move forward.” And that’s my message to people, that’s always how we have to –

AB: I know, but if you believe what you just told me, then –

SG: It’s not a belief. I know it’s true, I mean I know it…

AB: Okay, if you know it’s true what you just told me, then that means they will kill to prevent any really serious damage. They will kill to stop any really serious damage. Therefore –

SG: If they can get away with it. Remember, those were the early days. We didn’t have the systems we have in place today.

AB: Doctor, if they can get away with killing a former CIA director, they can sure get away with killing an emergency room doctor.

SG: Well, perhaps. But, except, I’m – he was doing this in a very clandestine way. I am not doing what I’m doing in a clandestine way.

AB: True enough.

SG: And, the other thing to remember is that we’re much more sophisticated now than we were back in the mid 90s when this happened. We have enormous support within some of the groups that are running these covert projects who want to see this happen and I don’t lose any sleep. I don’t lose one minute of sleep over this, and none of the military witnesses working with me should. Now, it’s not to say it’s risk-free. You know, one of the things I say to people is that my god, you know, when I leave here to go back to my hotel here at Mt. Shasta, I could be hit by a Mack truck out of control coming down the mountain and be killed. There are risks with everything we do. But you also have to look at the benefit. If we’re being visited by intelligent life out there, and if there are covert programs that are sitting on technologies that could give us an entirely sustainable, long-term civilization without the need for damaging the environment, without the need for 80% of the world’s population living in abject poverty, is it not worth some risk? Well, it is! Now, I mean, I hate to sound clinical about this like a doctor talking about the risk and benefit ratios, but in reality, that’s what it really comes down to, isn’t it? And if we’re not willing to step up to the plate on something of this importance, then we’re really not worth breathing the free air of Earth.

AB: I’m with you. I’m certainly with you.

SG: I mean, this is why you’re so great for doing this kind of show and letting someone like me talk to millions of people about what’s really going on.
Also, John DeCamp (author of The Franklin Coverup: and one of Bill Colby’s best friends, talks about their involvement with investigating a scandal in Nebraska in the late 80s that led to uncovering a very rogue and sophisticated pedophile ring that used orphan kids, runaways and also abducted children in a network of extremely corrupt activity. This includes child prostitution and sex parties in Washington DC involving prominent politicians, businessmen and media personalities; drug trafficking; CIA operated “mind control” experiments, conducted in Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha. John DeCamp also reveals a conversation he had with Bill Colby 2 weeks before his mysterious death. Colby tells John what he had been up to and what he was going to continue to do to help the world with his specific expertise and integrity.



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